Huracan FC | Canada

Football school in the GTA Ontario area

Huracan Football School

It is project born from the desire of professional football trainers with extensive experience on the pitch to instill the love of soccer/football for young generations.

When we accepted the challenge to train children teams, we took an enormous responsibility. We are mindful we are preparing the children not only to be great soccer/football players but also to be responsible individuals.

The future belongs to the youth.

Build the great football players

In every training, match, and throughout the season, we focus our attention on developing the following skills: motor, cognitive, affective and social.

From the smallest ages U7 – U16 players are continuously increasing their motor skills. We will meet with children who, through football, develop their motor skills and physical condition according to their age, qualities they will use and intervene in different situations of their lives.

We constantly take decisions every moment of our life. The players we train in our football school must learn to take decisions, whether in playing football or in their personal or professional future. Football is not just a physical activity without cognitive involvement; nor is it a succession of closed activities, driven entirely by the players just for developing their mobility. It’s about the development of the mechanisms of perception, analysis, decisions and execution, fundamental to the success of each training and match action.

Here lies the foundation of the development of emotional stability for a child’s personality. Every day children will be in a situation where they will make mistakes or make wrong decisions. In our football school we see the mistakes of players as a normal things and the mistakes are part of the training process for our players.

Sports and, implicitly, football are an important part of implementing values ​​and respect in the children’s personalities. They will learn that the team is more important than any player and they will understand that their role is to help their colleagues in order to achieve a common goal, cooperation being fundamental in life and the key to any team’s success.