We are planning to develop something new in academies in Canada aimed at kids with disabilities, to give them the chance to enjoy this beautiful sport. We are inspired and supported by the Spanish model where most of the professional clubs have a section for them.


• a whole training
• practicing sport without barriers
• practice of football as an element of integration
• Transmitting values ​​such as humanity, effort and self-deception
• using football as a key to inclusion in society


• improving their own autonomy
• improving health
• Increasing basic physical qualities
• Increasing sensorial-motor skills
• powering psychological abilities and recourses
• daily motivation
• developing the feeling of belonging to a club through various activities together with other club teams.
• Improvement of vital functions, especially respiratory, cardiovascular, renal
• Decreasing depression
• promotion of the independence, safety, and development of the values ​​necessary for the social integration of these people.

Recommended age

All ages



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