• They start playing 11 v 11
• They begin to develop the abilities to sustain complex, coordinated skill sequences.
• Most players are able to think abstractly and are thus able to understand some team concepts that are foundational to the game.
• They are beginning to be able to address hypothetical situations, and to solve problems systematically.
• Players tend to be highly self-critical. Drills need to be enabled, to show them what can be done instead of telling them what not to do.
• Although they are more serious with their play, they are still mainly involved because it is fun. They are openly competitive and some may foul on purpose.
• improving the game in amplitude and depth
• balanced team when you restart from 6 yards box
• introducing the concept of mobility in front of the ball to find diagonal solutions in the middle
• replace the ball in play and the ability to overcome the pressure lines
• the introduction of the pressure impulse after the possession possession of the quick duels

Recommended age

13 – 15 years



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